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Rah Cad "Leaving Detroit"

Debut instrumental album describing the rush of living within the city limits of Detroit, Michigan. Immensely powerful, emotional, truthful and a guide for those in need of direction. Dedicated to the ones blessed with the difficult task of chasing brilliance.

This piece displays the evolution from programming music notes in FL Studio software to Python, Visual Studio Code and Atom software.

Currently available on all streaming platforms.


Rah Cad "Red Wing in the Wild"

Sophomore instrumental album coming soon.


This piece is intended to explore the many nuances of living in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) as an African American in tech. Embracing honesty relieves stress and creates new opportunities.


Rah Cad "The Dangers of Kleptocracy" 

Short film coming soon.

Modern and archival personal and stock footage blended to compliment the past, present and future.

Best described as a montage. "Leaving Detroit as a Red Wing in the Wild", serving as a merging puzzle piece for both musical works.

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